Litigation Support

As Expert witnesses, Clarity brings experience and scientifically-backed analyses that can withstand litigation.

Knowledge, forensic expertise and precision; during litigation, our forensic analysis, objective and scientifically backed evaluations plus expert testimony can help identify and address liabilities and recover costs for Insurance related issues.

David Howard, Licensed Professional Engineer and owner of Clarity Engineering offers extensive experience as an expert witness – appearing as a forensic expert in multiple court cases. Clarity will work with you as your expert whether researching OSHA law, codes, industry standards or practices. Whether your case settles quickly, or goes to court, let us be your expert through the process.

Clarity’s goal is to understand your project and to provide technical investigations, analysis, reports, evaluations and expert testimony, helping identify and address liabilities to properly allocate coverages and recover costs for Insurance related issues.

Our expert testimony during litigation can strengthen probability of recovery; our evaluations are accurate and objective always working towards a timely resolution of insurance claims and litigation.

Simplify your experience with Clarity! Assigning a project, 24/7 from your phone, tablet or computer is just a click away! Interested in discussing your project with our team, Call today (978) 409-0990