Fire Investigations

Experienced fire investigations offering the most objective analysis for litigation.

Whether it is finding the origin-and-cause of the fire to determine liability, or to strengthen probability of recovery, Clarity Engineering’s evaluations are accurate, timely and scientifically supported; offering the most objective analysis for litigation.
David Howard, Licensed Professional Engineer and owner of Clarity Engineering provides Fire Investigation, serving commercial, industrial, institutional, insurance, government, public, and private entities averaging more than 70 projects annually for clients worldwide.
At Clarity, goal is to understand your fire investigations project and to provide technical investigations, analysis, reports, evaluations and expert testimony, helping identify and address liabilities and recover costs for Insurance related issues.

Whether you are an insurance adjuster whose project requires finding origin-and-cause or personal injury inspections to determine liability, or an attorney who requires expert testimony during litigation to strengthen probability of recovery; our evaluations are accurate and objective, always working towards a timely resolution of insurance claims and litigation.

Simplify your experience with Clarity! Assigning a project, 24/7 from your phone, tablet or computer is just a click away! Interested in discussing your project with our team, Call today (978) 409-0990